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Firecracker Soul

Jul 1, 2018

In this episode I will be discussing how that little four lettered word, FEAR, holds us back from living our best and purposeful life!  I will share how I have let FEAR hold me back from living my best life.  Fear can be so paralyzing to us.  The truth is that the reality of what you are fear is seldom as bad or awful as you imagine it will be. 

I promise I will be as raw and real about everything I share with you.  Without a doubt, I have had many, many moments of fear since making my decision to go forward with this podcast.  But I also knew that the purpose and reasons for my wanting to do this, were bigger and greater than my fear.  I hope you will hear something that resonates with you and will give you some tools to walk through your fear in order that you may have the best, purposeful and joyful, loving life you deserve!